2015 National Fall Safety Stand Down

May 12, 2015

2014 Blog OSHA’s National Fall Safety Stand Down was a great success with more than 1 million workers being reached.  This year OSHA is hoping for over 3 million workers to be reached which will mean that every 4 out of 10 construction workers in the U.S have been reached.  This year’s scheduled Stand Down events are planned throughout the United States and take place May 4-15.  The OSHA website provides scheduled events separated by region.  These scheduled events are planned in places like resource centers, office buildings, college campuses, training facilities, steel factories and even U.S AirForce bases and the U.S Capital Dome.

The point of a Stand Down is to stop work and specifically talk to employees on how falls can be prevented.  Falls education includes information on keeping yourself safe while working on scaffolding and other construction related equipment to preventing falls that can happen when floors are slippery.   Toolbox talks, talking about hazards specific to the job, or conducting safety inspections are just a few examples of how employers can participate.  The OSHA website provides more information on how to perform a safety Stand Down, resources such as videos, posters and fact sheets and a certificate of participation.

The website says any workplace that is interested in preventing falls can participate.  Last year a variety of industries participated such as commercial and residential construction, the U.S. Military, safety equipment manufacturers, general industry employers, unions and institutes among others.

Check out the scheduled events around you or contact the Regional Stand Down Coordinator for your region.

Information from this blog is from the OSHA website: OSHA Website

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