Municipal Employee Loses Footing on Diamond Plate Metal

June 25, 2012

In 2003, a municipal road worker was killed when he was run over by the rear wheels of a leaf vacuuming truck.  The worker was riding on the yoke of the portable leaf vacuum while the driver was turning onto a side street.  Once the driver turned, the vacuum hose came loose and hit several parked cars.  The employee tried to reach the hose and ended up losing his footing.  The driver felt a thump and came to a stop, where he found the employee run over.  The municipal public works department inspected the trailer and noticed that there were warning labels stating that you should not ride on the yoke of the trailer, but the employer had welded diamond plate metal to the yoke, trying to create a slip resistant surface.  Once the employer went through an inspection, the inspector made sure the diamond plate was removed and that proper warning signs were to be added.

Diamond plate metal is distinguished by a raised diamond pattern which is a slip resistant and economical alternative to solid floors.  The 4 way bare diamond pattern is designed to resist slipping in any direction, but once the plate becomes wet it can become extremely slick.

Although the bare diamond plate metal wasn’t supposed to be added to the yoke of the trailer, it would have been a good idea to add an extra layer of slip resistance such as SlipNOT®’s all metal coating.  SlipNOT® has been contacted by many companies to either coat their existing diamond plate or provide a non-slip smooth plate to retrofit or replace the bare diamond plate. Due to the uneven diamond pattern, the raised areas tend to wear faster, which is why it is recommended to apply SlipNOT® to the smooth side of the plate.

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