SlipNOT® Slip Resistant Metal Flooring Products Recognized By Transmission & Distribution World

September 27, 2006

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring provides state of the art slip resistant flooring products for utility companies across the nation helping to keep the public safe from slip and fall accidents.

Underground vault covers are constructed from SlipNOT® steel, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized plate, grating or a combination of both. Our products are cut to size and fabricated to fit the DOT’s required meter and pull box frames. SlipNOT® vault covers are approved and used by PG&E, Seattle City Lights, AT&T, Verizon among others.

Safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is a major concern facing city and state engineers and planners. In addition to safety, they also need to be concerned with severe weather, corrosive conditions and heavy traffic areas. DOT’s across the country require products that are long lasting, low maintenance and anti-slip.

SlipNOT® products provide durability and safety for years, long after other products have worn smooth. The patented SlipNOT® surface exceeds current standards for slip-resistant surfaces, and is double the OSHA recommended 0.5 value for Coefficient of Friction. DOT’s specify SlipNOT® for non slip vault or pull-box covers, road plates, grating, ADA ramps, stair nosings and stair treads and covers, bridge decking, bicycle lanes and many more.

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