Aluminum Angle Helps Prevent Injuries on Stairways

March 1, 2012

Stair treads are an integral part of many facilities, ranging from stairways in commercial office buildings to crossover platforms in food processing plants and many applications in between.  The nosing of a stair can be the most slippery part of these treads.  Nosings tend to wear quickly, creating an uneven walking surface that increases the likelihood of accidents.  By retrofitting a slip resistant aluminum angle to existing stairs, companies can decrease the chances of slip and fall accidents on stairways.

Aluminum is a naturally corrosion resistant material.  Used most often in applications where water and moisture may be prevalent, an aluminum nosing may also be used for any application where a lightweight, durable material is needed.  Adding a non-skid coating to these angles increases surface traction where potential hazards occur.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal non-slip surface that is applied to aluminum angle and other metal substrates to create these high traction surfaces.  Applied by a plasma stream deposition, the aluminum coating adheres to the surface of the aluminum angle and other metal substrates to create a 100% slip resistant surface.

SlipNOT® aluminum angles have been used in environments where complete slip resistance is necessary.  Marine ships have installed SlipNOT® aluminum nosings on stairways located on the upper decks of ships.  In this situation, the aluminum angle is continuously exposed to salt water and the non-skid coating withstands the daily wear and tear placed on the angle.   SlipNOT® angles have also been installed on school stairways to protect the staff and students from water and snow that may pool on the stairways, creating a safe walking surface for everyone.

Aluminum angles may be retrofitted over existing slick stair treads or may be installed in new construction.  Angles can be customized to fit job specifications or ordered in stock lengths of 8 feet or 10 feet.  SlipNOT® aluminum angles can be supplied with pre-drilled holes or can be drilled and countersunk in the field for easy application.  SlipNOT® aluminum angle can withstand wear and tear years longer than many other taped on or painted on surfaces.


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