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Aluminum Checker Plate

SlipNOT® aluminum plate provides a high traction, slip resistant surface ideal for replacing slippery aluminum checker plate.

Aluminum checker plate is a light weight, textured metal flooring option that has been used in applications such as stair treads, walkways, metal decking and trench covers, among others.  Although aluminum checker plate is marketed as a slip resistant product due to the raised ridges that are supposed to provide traction, checker plate does not provide traction when covered with elements such as water, grease or oil, thus resulting in many slip and fall injuries.  SlipNOT® aluminum plate provides an unsurpassed slip resistant surface that helps keep employees on their feet.

SlipNOT® aluminum plate can replace slippery aluminum checker plate in every situation.  SlipNOT® aluminum plate provides an excellent strength to weight ratio and is easy to cut and fabricate to meet specific job requirements.  Standard aluminum checker plate does provide these qualities, but is unable to ensure a slip resistant surface for many years to come.  SlipNOT® aluminum plate provides the durability and longevity required for employers to provide their employees with a safe work environment.  Safe work environments maintain high productivity and eliminate slip and fall accidents that could result in liability issues.  SlipNOT® coated aluminum plate maintains long-lasting slip resistant quality, long after unsafe aluminum checker plate has been worn down.

SlipNOT® aluminum plate can be fabricated into slip resistant stair treads, nosings, vault covers, trench covers and ladder rungs, among others.  Slip resistant aluminum plate can be coated with a SlipNOT® non-slip steel surface, stainless steel surface or aluminum surface, providing versatility in a variety of applications.  Industries such as food processing plants and manufacturing plants have utilized these types of aluminum plate to provide long lasting slip resistant coverage even in chemically rich and harsh conditions.  To ensure an easy replacement for aluminum checker plate, SlipNOT® aluminum plate can be easily welded over existing aluminum checker plate. 

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