SlipNOT® Replaces Aluminum Checker Plate in Printing Press Area

September 6, 2010

The Specialized Packaging Group, among the top ten folding carton converters in North America, contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring to address a slippery walkway present in the packaging facility.  In the printing press area, there was a two-foot walkway between individual printing stations used for operators to do adjustments.  The aluminum checker plate that was previously installed in the press area was not performing well.  The engineering group leader, noted “Due to spills, the aluminum checker plate would get tremendously slick”.  In order to fix the issue, the engineering group leader decided the best solution would be to bolt the aluminum plates directly over the existing dangerous aluminum checker plate.  The SlipNOT® aluminum plate bolted over the aluminum checker plate easily, creating an instantly safe workspace.  Three years after the installation, The Specialized Packing Group is still happy with the performance, noting SlipNOT® gets wet and still has grip”.

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