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Aluminum Floor Plate

Slip resistant aluminum floor plate keeps pedestrians safe.

Aluminum floor plate is also known as tread plate and diamond plate.  It is a “lightweight, highly polished flooring that has a raised diamond pattern texture applied to it to provide traction”  (  Aluminum floor plate can be used in any situation that calls for easily fabricated, lightweight flooring that has excellent corrosion resistance.  However, aluminum floor plate should not be used in situations that are wet or dusty.  Even though the raised diamond pattern may provide a bit more traction than smooth floor plate; if compromised with water, oil or other substances, it may become a slip and fall hazard.

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures a superior non-slip aluminum floor plate alternative.  SlipNOT® aluminum plate has a slip resistant surface that maintains traction even when coated with water, dust, oil or other slippery liquids.  Its surface consists of peaks and valleys that coat 100% of the flooring and does not contain grit.  Just like aluminum floor plate, SlipNOT® aluminum plate can be fabricated into products such as stair treads, nosings, walkways, mezzanines and platforms, among hundreds of other lightweight applications.  It is also an ideal surface for electrical vault covers.  The covers can be lightweight while providing a slip resistant surface for pedestrians.

SlipNOT® aluminum plate can be coated with a non-slip steel, stainless steel or aluminum surface, giving it greater versitality than ordinary aluminum floor plate.  SlipNOT® aluminum plate surpasses ADA and OSHA recommendations for slip resistance.  Make an investment in safety, choose SlipNOT® aluminum plate instead of plain, slippery aluminum floor plate.

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