ASSE Safety Management Award

January 11, 2015

Did you help implement something new and effective this past year in the area of safety management? If so the ASSE wants to know about it.  For the second year, Cinta’s Corporation is sponsoring a reward of $3000 along with an engraved plaque to an individual who brought innovation and creativity to their workplace that made a difference in safety management.  Both ASSE members and non-members are welcome to apply.

According to the ASSE Website the award is based on the following criteria:

  • The Range of application of the innovation in managing safety, including:
    • multiple programs
    • multiple work sites
    • breadth of applicability
    • degree of implementation
  • Management benefits. These may include:
    • efficiency improvements (e.g., time, cost)
    • solution to a safety management problem
    • improved decision making
  • Safety Benefit (s).  These may include:
    • safety program improvement
    • process improvement that affects the safety of an operation
    • direct reduction in accidents, injuries or fatalities
    • elimination or reduction in hazards
    • elimination or reduction in exposures
    • indirect safety benefits (e.g., improving safety knowledge/skills or awareness of the workforce)

Honorable mention awards will also be presented in the amount of $500.  In order to apply, please visit the ASSE website.  Submissions are due March 31, 2015.

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