Bar Grating: The Slippery and Not So Slippery Solutions

June 16, 2010

Bar grating is a versatile product with many uses in a variety of applications.  It can be used for applications such as walkways, platforms, entranceways, drainage decks, stairways, trench grating, marine applications, and more.  Bar grating is diverse because of the many styles that are readily available:

  • Welded bar grating is assembled by electro forging.  Electro forging is a machine process combining hydraulic pressure and heat fusion to create the welded bar grating.
  • Dove tail bar grating is assembled in egg-crate fashion and hydraulically pressed together to form a tightly locked, rigidly stable panel grid.
  • Flush top bar grating is known for its aesthetic appeal and provision of maximum walking surface.  The cross bars are on the plane relative to the top surface of the grating.
  • Riveted grating is renowned as the oldest style of industrial footwalk, but it is still favored by engineers for its reliability and durability.  The straight bearing bars are bent at connecting bars and attached with rivets to increase load bearing capacity and improve lateral stability.
  • Swaged bar grating is assembled by mechanically locking the cross bars at right angles through punched diamond shaped holes to the bearing bars at a maximum of 4” on center; they are permanently locked into place by a swaging process.
  • Pressure locked bar grating is bar grating in which the cross bars are mechanically locked to the bearing bars at their intersections by distorting or twisting the metal.

Bar grating is also available in a slip resistant by design option, serrated bar grating.  Serrated bar grating can provide slip resistance, but also can wear smooth in time.  Serrated bar grating can cause the injuries it was meant to prevent because of the uneven walking surface and the uneven wear over time. There are options available to add slip resistance to bar grating.

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring has been proven the most durable and reliable slip resistant option for bar grating because of its guaranteed slip resistance in every direction as well as 100% surface coverage.  SlipNOT® is an all-metal slip resistant coating that is applied to smooth bar grating, available on aluminum bar grating, steel bar grating or stainless steel bar grating.  While there are many slip resistant bar grating options, ranging from fiberglass grating to patterned safety grating, SlipNOT®’s all metal coating is a permanent solution that will not wear down to a smooth surface or delaminate over time.

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