Care and Cleaning of Grating

July 14, 2011

Regular maintenance of floor grating is vital to its long-term welfare.  There is no grating available that remains in optimum condition without regular cleaning and maintenance.  Grating takes a lot of wear and tear and must be consistently taken care of.

In various environments, slip resistant grating ends up having built up residue which may cause the non-slip coating to smooth over.  To avoid the embedded dirt/foreign material you should use a stiff bristle brush and power wash the surface.  Compressed air and a bristle brush will bring back the original slip resistant surface.  If your grating comes in contact with grease or oil, it may be cleaned with an organic solvent such as a commercial used brake cleaner.  The solvent should remove all organic stains.

Depending on the gratings substrate, different cleaning methods may be needed.  For example, aluminum is a softer alloy which may require less pressure and less brushing, while stainless steel grating is the most chemical resistant and withstands almost any cleaning agent.  Researching your substrate type will help determine your cleaning regimen.  Due to the peaks and valleys of the SlipNOT® slip resistant surface, it’s very important to brush the surface so the non-slip properties will stay effective.  Keeping your grating’s surface clean will not only improve the appearance and prolong the lifespan, but will also keep employees and pedestrians on a slip free surface.

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