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Checker Plate Treads – Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel

SlipNOT® Plate Stair Treads at a Winery: Slip resistant treads replace checker plate treads and can be formed out of a variety of products

SlipNOT® slip resistant plate stair treads are the supreme answer for the replacement of checker plate treads. Traditional checker plate continues to lack when it comes to meeting  slip resistant standards. SlipNOT® plate stair treads far exceed all ADA and OSHA recommendations for slip resistance.

All SlipNOT® non-slip plate stair treads are available in:


  • Mill Finish
  • Painted

Stainless Steel

  • Mill Finish
  • Painted


SlipNOT® slip resistant plate stair treads are considered economical based on their long lasting wear characteristics, which means SlipNOT® slip resistant Grip Plate® stair treads, are still working, long after checker plate treads have worn or polished off.

A permanent alternative to checker plate treads are SlipNOT® stair treads. Checker plate treads are only available in limited options, whereas SlipNOT® stair treads are available in a wide variety of products and options.

These products and options include:

SlipNOT® Grip Plate® is an extremely durable solution that will keep workers and pedestrians safe on stairways. SlipNOT® stair treads can be bolted or welded over slippery checker plate treads and it will not wear smooth or uneven like checker plate treads. SlipNOT® will not become slick in wet and oily conditions unlike checker plate treads. SlipNOT® has been evaluated at almost double the UL standard for slip resistant metal flooring products. SlipNOT® has also been tested in accordance with ASTM procedures for slip resistance.

Learn more about SlipNOT® Stair Treads and Covers.

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