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Checker Plate Treads – Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel

SlipNOT® Plate Stair Treads at a Winery: Slip resistant treads replace checker plate treads and can be formed out of a variety of products

SlipNOT® slip resistant plate stair treads are the supreme answer for the replacement of unsafe checker plate treads. Traditional checker plate continually fails to meet slip resistant standards. SlipNOT® plate stair treads far exceed all ADA and OSHA recommendations for slip resistance, unlike checker plate treads that just meet the minimum recommendations.

All SlipNOT® non-slip plate stair treads are available in:


  • Mill Finish
  • Painted

Stainless Steel

  • Mill Finish
  • Painted


SlipNOT® slip resistant plate stair treads are considered economical based on their long lasting wear characteristics, which means SlipNOT® slip resistant Grip Plate® stair treads, are still working, long after checker plate treads have worn or polished off.

A permanent alternative to checker plate treads are SlipNOT® stair treads. Checker plate treads are only available in limited options, whereas SlipNOT® stair treads are available in a wide variety of products and options.

These products and options include:

SlipNOT® Grip Plate® is an extremely durable solution that will keep workers and pedestrians safe on stairways. SlipNOT® stair treads can be bolted or welded over slippery checker plate treads and it will not wear smooth or uneven like checker plate treads. SlipNOT® will not become dangerous in wet and oily conditions unlike checker plate treads. SlipNOT® has been evaluated at almost double the UL standard for slip resistant metal flooring products. SlipNOT® has also been tested in accordance with ASTM procedures for slip resistance.

Learn more about SlipNOT® Stair Treads and Covers.

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