Key Facts about Electrical Vault Covers

November 15, 2010

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring supplies slip resistant electrical vault covers to cities nationwide.  Electrical vault cover is an above ground cover that lends access to an underground utility vault.  For many cities, running electrical cables underground is the preferred alternative to running electrical power cables above ground and across utility poles.  While electrical vault covers may sit flush with the sidewalk, if it is made of a plain metal, it can become very slippery.  In my opinion, in order to keep the public safe when walking on the covers, SlipNOT®’s advanced technology slip resistant coating should be used.

SlipNOT® can coat existing electrical vault covers, or can have custom vault covers fabricated to the customer’s dimensions and requirements.  Customer logos or emblems can also be incorporated onto the electrical vault cover during the SlipNOT® coating process.

SlipNOT® electrical vault covers are used and approved by:

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