Applications of Expanded Metals

August 29, 2011

Guard rails are an extremely important part of keeping workers safe on stairways.  Expanded metals are often implemented into guard rail designs to take up any open space between the railings themselves.  This highly versatile product also helps keep tools or parts from rolling into machinery or falling off of platforms and can also be used to keep workers safe from falls.

Not only can expanded metals be used for guarding machinery and falls from heights, they can also be used to keep workers safe from slip and fall accidents.  Steel, stainless steel and aluminum expanded metals can be coated with a non-slip surface and then retrofitted around and over existing slippery areas.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring can provide custom fabricated expanded metals coated with a high traction, extremely durable slip resistant surface.  Expanded metals can be used in any environment from manufacturing to food processing, and can go over metal flooring, wood, concrete, stair treads, grating, and any type of slippery area.  Slip resistant expanded metals are utilized for catwalks, stair treads, walkways, platforms, drainage areas and more.

Companies should start thinking about using expanded metal in a different way and start implementing it as safety flooring, not just guard rails and screens.

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