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Finish Choices

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Click below on the arrows to navigate through the various SlipNOT® finishes available:

SlipNOT® is produced in a standard mill finish. There are no additives or paints applied to the product besides the slip resistant coating. Mill finish will be the raw material color.

SlipNOT ® products can be painted with a water-based paint, however, care must be taken so the slip resistant properties of the surface are not compromised. Paint is available in black, safety yellow or customized to fit job specifications.

SlipNOT® can customize products by adding logos or masking off certain areas to specifications allowing for a smooth surface under masked areas with no slip resistant coating. SlipNOT® products can easily be customized to job details and specifications.

SlipNOT® steel products can be offered with a hot-dipped galvanized finish to prevent corrosion. Galvanizing is performed in accordance with ASTM A123 or other appropriate specifications. SlipNOT® steel material can be galvanized after additional fabrication or processing. Please see our Guidelines for Galvanizing SlipNOT®.

Mill Painted Customized Galvanized