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Galvanizing Guidelines

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Listed below are suggestions and guidelines for galvanizing SlipNOT® steel products:

SlipNOT® provides all galvanized steel products in accordance with ASTM A123

• Using ambient temperature hydrochloric acid 
• Acid pickling times should not exceed ten (10) minutes for ambient temperature hydrochloric acid solutions
• Maintaining a constant temperature of 830° – 840° while in the galvanizing zinc bath
• Shot blast or sand blast any additional steel such as stringers, support angles, stiffeners, etc. prior to the galvanizing process along with being de-scaled and rust free
• Material should be kept inside and wrapped to prevent surface rust from forming

• Do not leave material in acid pickling process for more than ten (10) minutes
• Do not use a heated sulfuric acid solution immersion for more than three (3) minutes
• Do not use an inconsistent temperature while in the galvanizing zinc bath
• Do not provide greasy, scaly, rusty material to the Galvanizer
• Do not allow exposure to the elements that can create surface rust

Care must be taken in the pickling portion of the hot dipped galvanizing process as the SlipNOT® surface may lift off if pickling times exceed recommendations.  Care should also be taken when rack loading to allow for sufficient spacing between items so that the heat of the pickling process does not create “hot spots” within the pickling tanks and potentially damage the SlipNOT® surface.

SlipNOT® strongly recommends that hot dipped galvanizing be provided by us or contracted directly with Voigt & Schweitzer Galvanizers LLC.  For a local contact familiar with proper handling of SlipNOT® products in Redford, MI, see below:

Voigt & Schweitzer Galvanizers LLC
12600 Arnold Street | Redford, MI 48239
Phone: (313) 535-2600 |  Fax: (313) 535-0862 |  Attn: Tim Woll, Sales Manager

For other locations, you can visit the website here:

If the SlipNOT® surface is galvanized by a 3rd party the above mentioned guidelines must be observed.  The W.S. Molnar Company is not liable for damage to the SlipNOT® surface by 3rd parties.  If galvanized incorrectly, the SlipNOT® surface can be compromised.  If you have questions or require galvanized samples to test, please call (800) 754-7668 or (313) 923-0400.

SlipNOT®is not responsible for costs associated with replacement or repair of material fabricated, including but not limited to drilling or welding after galvanizing.  Also, pieces damaged in material handling must be field repaired.  Failure to adequately repair and protect compromised surfaces will result in pre-mature failure of the SlipNOT®and galvanized surfaces.  SlipNOT®is not responsible for surface damage caused by either deliberate or incidental means.