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Surface Grade Descriptions

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The SlipNOT® surface is applied to metal substrates by a plasma stream deposition resulting in peaks and valleys, creating a slip resistant surface.  The SlipNOT® surface is available in three grades; Grade 1 (Fine), Grade 2 (Medium) and Grade 3 (Coarse).  The different Grades available refer to the depth of the SlipNOT® surface.

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Grade 1 Surface
Grade 1 – Fine
Grade 2 Surface
Grade 2 – Medium
Grade 3 Surface
Grade 3 – Coarse


  • The Grade 1 (Fine) surface has an average peak to valley surface depth of 0.010” – 0.012”.
  • This grade is used in light duty applications or areas where a minimum surface roughness is desired.  This surface produces the same high coefficient of friction as our Grade 2 (Medium).  Any surface treatments, such as priming or painting, should not exceed 5 mils to prevent degradation of the SlipNOT® performance.  Hot dipped galvanizing is not available for Grade 1 steel plates.
  • Grade 1 (Fine) is available for all SlipNOT® surfaces.


  • This surface grade is applicable for nearly every situation. With an average peak to valley surface depth of 0.020”-0.025”; Grade 2 (Medium) SlipNOT® provides maximum traction, durability and longevity.
  • Surface treatments to this grade should not exceed a total of 10 mils to prevent reduction of the surface coefficient of friction. For steel plates, hot dip galvanizing is the ideal surface protection.
  • The Grade 2 (Medium) is available for all SlipNOT® surfaces.


  • This surface is used in the most demanding environments. With an average peak to valley surface depth of 0.032”-0.038”.
  • This grade provides maximum durability and longevity. For extremely high traffic or highly contaminated environments, Grade 3 (Coarse) SlipNOT® provides maximum traction.  Hot dipped galvanizing is the ideal surface protection for steel.
  • Grade 3 (Coarse) is only offered in our steel SlipNOT® surface.  Not available in aluminum and stainless steel surfaces.