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Government Applications

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Government and commercial industry involved in research, development, production, and service of military material, equipment and facilities contribute to homeland security. In the military every second counts, and sure footing is critical to the well being of our service men and women. During emergency situations, traction is crucial on working / walking surfaces. Regardless of hazardous conditions, SlipNOT® remains completely slip resistant, even when submerged in water or oil.

SlipNOT® can even be used in government applications where fiberglass is restricted, such as accommodation areas, access/escape locations for firefighters and on cargo tank hatch covers. SlipNOT® structural applications for the military include aluminum decks, access platforms, stair treads & covers, helicopter pads, engine room decks, tooling service areas, ladder rungs & covers and many more.

Examples of military service branches that utilized and approved SlipNOT®:

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Seattle City Light

Seattle, WA

It is imperative to keep motorists and pedestrians traveling on streets and sidewalks safe from potential safety hazards. Seattle City Light installed road plates throughout the City of Seattle to ensure the safety of the public. Seattle City Light utilized a slip resistant solution.

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U.S. Navy

Great Lakes, IL

The United States Navy required a slip resistant grating for Battle Stations 21, a premier training facility. In a fire and flood room the grating becomes submerged in water and Sailors needed to keep traction when making their way through the simulation.

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