Just imagine what you can use SlipNOT® for…Walt Disney did!

October 27, 2008

Engineers at Walt Disney designed a new standard for carousel steps in theme parks across the world. They designed a cast aluminum, three-step unit that would use a Stainless Steel SlipNOT® surface to ensure rider safety under all weather conditions. The engineers originally planned to have SlipNOT® applied directly to the cast aluminum part; however, the part had been engineered to specific strength characteristics which may have been compromised when exposed to the heat of our molten metal SlipNOT® plasma stream deposition.

In consultation with SlipNOT®, the Disney engineers decided to purchase small, thin aluminum plates with our SlipNOT® surface and then weld those to the step areas of the formed cast step assembly. This method proved to be much less expensive than the cost to tread the entire cast assembly and also eliminated the potential problems heat could have introduced to the cast part.

Walt Disney has also utilized SlipNOT® Stainless Steel for steps, landings, and in-floor lettering/numbering insets in park attractions throughout the world to improve attendee safety. Other amusement parks have utilized the high strength/high friction SlipNOT® surface as internal components for ride braking and torque-enhancing applications. The possibilities of which you could use SlipNOT® are endless. Let us work with you to raise the safety standard of your company.

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