Ladder Misuse

January 21, 2014

Ladder misuse can be one of the easiest safety problems to spot as it can be pretty obvious when a ladder is being used incorrectly.  A group in the UK called The Ladder Association educates companies and individuals on the correct and safe way to use ladders.  During their annual Ladder Exchange the group helps organizations trade in their old unsafe ladders for new ladders at a discounted price.  The Ladder Associate has helped take 1000’s of unsafe ladders out of circulation.  The Ladder Exchange program is currently collecting photos from around the world of individuals misusing ladders.  The worse and most unsafe ladder misuse photos are being posted to their Facebook page in hopes to discourage this unsafe behavior.  When the contest is over a winner will be chosen based on the amount of comments or “likes” on the photo.

Keeping workers safe while working is something that is important to SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring.  By supplying companies with easy to install, permanently slip resistant ladder rungs and ladder rung covers safer ladder use can be achieved.  Ladder rung covers are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum and can be installed on existing ladders by welding.  Non slip ladder rungs from SlipNOT® come in round or bar shapes and are for installation in new ladder construction.  Both safety products greatly reduce the chance of individuals slipping and falling from ladder use.

In the United States the American Ladder Institute is the organization responsible for promoting ladder safety and providing training and education on safe ladder use.   Their website provides valuable information on ladder safety rules and training as well as a store that sells ladder safety DVD’s based on the type of ladder your organization uses.   Take ladder safety seriously by installing quality safety ladders as well as educating employees on how to use, and not use, ladders.

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