Mars Chocolate Building a New Plant Construction in Green Manufacturing Park

January 30, 2012

Mars Chocolate North America began construction on its first plant within the United States in 35 years in late August.  The plant is being built in a park that is designed as a green manufacturing park.  In building the plant, Mars is pursuing LEED gold status with the project, which means by the estimated completion of the project in 2013, it will have earned 60-79 points for certification.

By incorporating products into the design and build that work towards increasing their LEED credits, Mars can achieve their goal of Gold LEED certification.  Slip resistant products are just a few of the many products that can help Mars attain their goal.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures slip resistant products that are made up of a minimum of 40% recycled material.  Floor plates, grating, ladder rungs, ladder rung covers and stair treads are just a few of the products that SlipNOT® offers.

Stainless steel products with the SlipNOT® surface applied are hygienic and will not contaminate the end products in food processing facilities.  The slip resistant surface can also prevent slip and fall accidents in areas of food processing facilities where water, oils and other ingredients may build up to create a slippery surface.

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