Benefits of Metal Stairs

September 1, 2011

Slip resistance is critical in many applications; even more so in hurricane prone areas.  In Clay County, Florida, their emergency operations center was designed to withstand a category 5 hurricane.  The architect who designed the building incorporated metal grates in various areas to protect the building and workers when it’s needed most.  A metal grate folds over the front of the building to protect the windows from flying debris.  Another grate is incorporated into an outside stairway that leads to communication equipment and weather devices.

By coating metal stairs in a slip resistant material, employees can rest assured that they will remain on their feet, even in extremely slick conditions found indoors and outdoors.  SlipNOT® manufactures and all metal slip resistant coating that is applied to stair treads and nosings.  These slip resistant products can be incorporated into new construction or can be retrofitted into existing construction.  Adding slip resistance to metal stairs can create a sure footed walking surface for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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