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Metal Steps

SlipNOT® Metal Steps on the High Line in New York City

Metal steps come in a variety of forms.  From solid plate, perforated plate, expanded metal and bar grating to diamond plate, serrated plank and dimple plate; metal steps can be fabricated from different products to meet the needs of the environment.

Metal steps coated with an all metal SlipNOT® surface provide 100% slip resistant traction in every direction, keeping pedestrians and workers safe.  They are easily cleaned with a power washer and stiff bristled brush.  SlipNOT® metal steps exceed the OSHA recommended coefficient of friction for slip resistant stairs (OSHA Standard 1910.24F).

 SlipNOT® metal steps easily fit your needs:

  • Metal steps are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  The steel surface can be galvanized, creating a cost effective corrosion resistant metal step.
  • SlipNOT® metal steps can be constructed from solid metal plate, perforated plate, expanded metal or bar grating. 
  • Metal steps can be fabricated to a specific size for easy installation.
  • Metal steps can be easily retrofitted over existing stairs, creating an instantly safe walking area.
  • SlipNOT® metal steps can be built into new stair construction or can completely replace old slippery stairs.
  • Aluminum metal steps can be coated with steel SlipNOT® or stainless steel SlipNOT®for a lightweight alternative. 
  • Metal steps can be provided with countersunk holes or can be welded into place.
  • SlipNOT® metal steps are available with a nosing only, a riser and nosing or can be formed into a channel.
  • Metal steps coated with steel SlipNOT® are generally used in rough conditions such as steel mills, manufacturing facilities and oil rigs.
  • Metal steps coated with stainless steel SlipNOT® can be used in areas that come into contact with harsh cleaning chemicals and elements such as grease and oil that are commonly found in food processing facilities. 
  • SlipNOT® aluminum metal steps are used when a lightweight product is needed.  Aerospace companies use these metal steps on their tooling platforms that are moved from location to location.

While SlipNOT® metal steps are not appropriate for residential use or in place where bare feet might come into contact with them, they are a necessity for safety in industrial and commercial environments. 

Browse our entire selection of metal steps and reference metal step case studies.

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