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About Us

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring, Division of the W.S. Molnar Company, manufactures slip resistant metal flooring products that are designed to increase safety and decrease your risk exposure.  SlipNOT®’s exclusive product line includes slip resistant plate, grating, flattened expanded metal, perforated plate, ladder rung / covers, drain covers, vault covers, stair treads, nosings, handrails, road plates, floor scales and plank.  Customized to meet detailed specifications, SlipNOT® products meet the needs of the most complex projects, regardless of scope or schedule.  SlipNOT® products have a long, low maintenance life cycle and are simple to install.

SlipNOT® products are available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel.  The variety and versatility of surface options allow SlipNOT® products to be utilized extensively in countless environments and industries including food and beverage, manufacturing, utility, government, education, military, oil and gas, recreational, commercial, aerospace and metals and mining.

The W.S. Molnar Company manufactures SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring anti slip products in its Detroit, Michigan facility, shipping products throughout North America.

As a women-owned (WBENC Certified), ISO 9001 :2008 registered company, SlipNOT® takes pride in the professional quality of our work.  With decades of knowledge, experience and achievement, SlipNOT® has exceeded all recommendations set by safety regulatory agencies such as: OSHA, ADA, ASTM, NFPA, ANSI and UL.

Our People

SlipNOT® professionals are leaders and innovators— we are highly dedicated to our clients and demonstrate our commitment to excellence on every project.  Each individual contributes to our overall success. For the benefit of our company and our customers we encourage personal responsibility, commitment and excellence. We stress creativity and strive to find the best safety solution to resolve our customer’s concerns.  We believe in partnering with our clients on every project to deliver the best end result.  For these reasons, we think you’ll see why SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring is a leader in slip resistant metal safety flooring and related products.

Business Principles

Quality- To achieve excellence in both safety and the quality of our products, SlipNOT® has an uncompromising determination for the best.

Integrity Our employees hold themselves to high ethical standards and work to find the most efficient solution for our client.

Dedication- We strive for success on every project, large or small, and understand that every detail matters.


Our Priority: Your Safety


American Institute of Architects
Association of Iron & Steel Technology
American National Standards Institute
American Society of Safety Engineers
American Society for Testing and Materials
Construction Association of Michigan
California League of Food Processors
California Municipal Utility Association
California Precast Concrete Association
Food Processing Suppliers Association
Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Manufacturing & Technology Association
Mid-West Food Processing Association
National Precast Concrete Association
National Safety Council
Northwest Food Processing Association
Northwest Public Power Association

American Society of Landscape Architects

National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers

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The Bilco Company

SlipNOT® is a great vendor for The Bilco Company.  I could not ask for better service. “


Baker Hughes
“The product works as advertised.  Very satisfied with the product and service.”
-Manufacturing Support Manager


Die Craft Machining & Engineering
“Everything was done professionally and in a timely matter.”

Norandal USA, Inc.
“Your products have been used extensively in our ongoing safety enhancement program. “
-Maintenance Planner

Kimberly Clark

“Very satisfied with the performance of this material. Definately will consider for other applications.
-Maintenance Planner/Tech

Steel Fab, Inc.
Overall very happy with the services and products we received.”
Purchasing/Project Manager

Industrial Technology Services