Aluminum Punched Plank: A SlipNOT® Alternative to Aluminum Bar Grating

October 16, 2009

SlipNOT aluminum punched plank is an excellent alternative to smooth bar aluminum grating for applications that need to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.   SlipNOT® aluminum punched plank meets the standards set by the ADA for wheelchair accessibility and high heel traffic.  The SlipNOT punched plank provides a high coefficient of friction, excellent structural strength, is light weight and less expensive than ADA compliant smooth bar aluminum grating (7-4 spacing).  The diagonal punched pattern still allows light and liquids to drain through, like aluminum smooth bar grating. SlipNOT® also offers unpunched plank for those applications where a solid decking is required.  Whether punched or unpunched, SlipNOT planking is low maintenance.  This is a superior alternative to smooth bar aluminum grating with plate on top, and is more cost efficient.

For example, a commercial building required an ADA compliant entryway added to the back of their facility.  We recommended using a SlipNOT punched plank assembly for the stairway/landing and SlipNOT aluminum plate for the wheel-chair lift.  SlipNOT aluminum planking is available in widths from 6” to 36” and lengths up to 20’ or 24’. Plank products can vary in thickness from 1” to 2 ½” and have a variety of punched and unpunched patterns. Aluminum plank can have aluminum, stainless steel or steel SlipNOT surfaces applied depending upon project criteria. SlipNOT aluminum punched plank is available in multiple patterns, such as square punched, diagonal punched and rectangular punched.

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