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SlipNOT® slip resistant grating provides maximum traction even in wet and oily environments. When choosing a bar grating option, the following components need to be specified:

  1. Bearing Bar Size
  2. Bearing Bar and Cross Bar Spacing
  3. Alloy of Material
  4. Quantity
  5. Length (span) and Width Dimensions

Note: SlipNOT® surface is applied to smooth bar grating instead of serrated bar grating for maximum traction.

Product Information

  • SlipNOT® Surfaces: Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
  • Grating is Available in: Grade 1 (Fine), Grade 2 (Medium), and Grade 3 (Coarse – Steel surface only)
  • SlipNOT® Finishes: Mill, Painted, or Galvanized Steel
  • Stock Length and Widths (maximum 36” panel width):
2’x20’ 2’x24’
3’x20’ 3’x24’
      • Bearing Bar Height: 3/4” to 2-1/2” tall (in ¼” increments)
      • Bearing Bar Thickness: 3/16” (typical), and 1/4” is available upon request or supplier availability
      • Spacing Options (Ctr – Ctr spacing between bars – open area listed for 3/16” thickness):
19-4 19/16” spacing (1” open) Standard Industrial
15-4 15/16” spacing (3/4” open) Standard Industrial
11-4 11/16” spacing (1/2” open) ADA
7-4 7/16” spacing (1/4” open) ADA
        • All profiles listed are available with 2” cross bars upon request
        • Heavy duty spacing available upon request (consult with a grating manufacturer)
        • Style Availability by Alloy:
          • Steel: Light duty welded (typical), heavy duty welded, pressed or swaged locked
          • Stainless Steel: Swaged locked (typical), light duty welded (limited availability)
          • Aluminum: Swaged locked (typical), dove tailed, swaged locked I-Bar or flush top
        • Available trim or load banded for rigidity
        • Installation Method:
          • Saddle Clip, Anchor Block, or Countersunk Land (available from grating manufacturer)
          • Welded or free set into frame (consider that the grating may bow from heat of SlipNOT® process and adequate fastening is advised)
          • Other options available

For more technical data, please contact a bar grating manufacturer listed below.
Ohio Gratings
Brown Campbell
Nucor Grating
AMICO Grating
Hendrick Architectural Products

Note: We do not offer 1/8” bearing bars or serrated grating due to insufficient adhesion and wear life of the SlipNOT® surface.

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  • Allows for drainage, light, and airflow

  • Able to span extended openings without additional support

  • Adaptable to heavy duty or light duty applications

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