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Non Slip Ladder Rungs

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Non slip ladder rungs are the first step in eliminating dangerous falls.  SlipNOT® non slip ladder rungs are installed into new ladders and create a sure footed surface even in wet and slippery environments.  SlipNOT® safety ladders exceed OSHA standard 1926.1053 (a)(6)(i) and OSHA standard 1910.26 (a)(1)(v) making them an ideal choice for any company or municipality that values the safety of their employees.  Non-slip ladder rungs are available in stock lengths and can easily be cut in the field, or can be cut before shipping for easy installation.

SlipNOT® non slip ladder rungs are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  Click on the image below to learn more.

SlipNOT® ladder rungs are utilized by countless industries for a vast array of applications. SlipNOT® products are fabricated to meet detailed specifications and can meet the requirements of the most complex projects. SlipNOT® slip resistant metal products are proven and utilized by fortune 500 companies across North America.

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Tulsa Power, Inc.

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Power, Inc. was concerned about their employees safety on the facilities ladders. They needed a non-slip product that would provide traction and grip for anyone using the ladders.

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Humes Ipswich

Ipswich, Australia

Concrete precast manufacturing facility needed slip resistant ladder rungs in order to safety access a service platform

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SlipNOT® case studies educate customers and prospects on how SlipNOT® products are utilized in various fields. The versatility of SlipNOT® products is proven through these safety solutions:

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