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Non-Slip Steel Road Plates and Trench Solutions

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SlipNOT® steel road plates are ideal for high traffic areas that can become slippery with water, oil, gasoline and other substances. SlipNOT® traffic plates can be used to cover open trenches, sinkholes, and areas of road construction. They can quickly restore a jobsite back to pre-project conditions by bridging open excavations and trenches dug for drainage, cables, gas mains or water mains. SlipNOT® non-skid steel road plates can be used as a permanent structure or may be moved along as work progresses.  SlipNOT® manufactures innovative solutions for utilities, from crossing plates to highway traffic plates.

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Steel Road Plate Information:

  • Steel road plate thicknesses: 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” typically
  • Steel road plate widths: 4’, 5’, 6’
  • Steel road plate lengths: 8’, 10’, 12’
  • Portable roadways can be custom fabricated to meet job specifications
  • Available SlipNOT® surface: Steel Surface on Steel
  • Available SlipNOT® finishes: Mill, Painted or Galvanized       
  • Steel road plates are available in: Grade 3 (Coarse)
  • Div 5 CSI Classification Code: Metal Floor Plates (05 54 00), Shop-Applied Coatings for Metal (05 05 13), Common Metal Materials (05 05 00)
  • Standard tolerance: Mill (for stock sizes), +/ – 1/8’’ (for customer specified sizes)
  • LEED: The recycled content of SlipNOT® products varies depending on the  source of the substrate. However, based off of an average provided by the mills and vendors we use most often, SlipNOT® products have a minimum of 40% recycled content and up to 83% recycled content.  By specifying SlipNOT® products your project may be eligible for LEED credits. For more information please visit our green products page.


Steel Road Plate Features:

  • Advantages: Road plates do not wear smooth or flake off after years of high traffic use. SlipNOT® steel road plates are ideal in areas where frequent use or exposure to slippery environments increases the risk of accidents and potential public access liability problems.
  • Durability: Road plates coated with SlipNOT® have a file hard surface of between 55 – 63 on the Rockwell “C” scale and have a bond strength of at least 4,000 psi.
  • Slip Resistant Standards: SlipNOT® steel road plates meet and exceed all the requirements for an ASTM / ANSI slip resistant surface and is registered slip resistant with Underwriters Laboratories per the UL 410 standard.  SlipNOT® coefficient of friction is greater than or equal to 0.85. (Standards and Test Requirements)
  • Fabrication: Road plates can be supplied with lifting handles. (Fabricating Instructions)

ADA Information:

  • SlipNOT® road plates far exceeds all ADA requirements.

SlipNOT® products are utilized by countless industries for a vast array of applications. SlipNOT® products are fabricated to meet detailed specifications and can meet the requirements of the most complex projects. SlipNOT® slip resistant products are proven and utilized by fortune 500 companies across North America.

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Seattle City Light

Seattle, WA

Seattle City Light installs steel road plates on various streets and sidewalks. A slip resistant surface was needed to help provide motorists and pedestrians with safety when traveling on streets and sidewalks.

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Ridgely Avenue Bridge

Annapolis, MD

A contractor needed a way of expanding the width of the Weems Creek/Ridgely Avenue Bridge. SlipNOT® provided coated steel plates which expanded the roadway width, provided slip resistance and became easily transferable.

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SlipNOT® case studies educate customers and prospects on how SlipNOT® products are utilized in various fields. The versatility of SlipNOT® products is proven through these safety solutions:

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