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Slip-Resistant Metal Ramps, OSHA Approved

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Whether in Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel, SlipNOT® Grip Plates® and Grip Grates® are easily assembled into ADA Compliant and OSHA approved slip-resistant metal ramps. Plates can be purchased in stock sizes and fabricated by installers, or purchased cut to size for immediate installation. SlipNOT® Grip Plates® and Grip Grates® are installed just like traditional plate and gratings. This versatility and adaptability make SlipNOT® the ideal choice for permanent slip-resistant metal ramps.

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring is over double the OSHA recommended value of 0.5 coefficient of friction and far exceeds the ADA mandated value of 0.8 COF for ramps. These plates can be bolted or welded over existing metal surfaces or, with masonry anchors, bolted over concrete.

Landings, platforms, and mezzanines can be provided with nosings and/or risers pre-fabricated into the material. Kick plates can also be integrated into the SlipNOT® material. Because of SlipNOT®’s hardened (60+ Rockwell “C” Scale) surface, all forming is best performed prior to application.

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