Safest Companies of 2012

December 4, 2012

EHS Today named ABB Inc., BASF Corp., Bell Helicopter, General Cable, Honeywell International Inc. – Honeywell Aerospace, Life Technologies, Ordnance and Management Solutions – URS, and Total Safety as the safest companies in 2012.

While these companies have different business models and are in diverse industries ranging from aerospace engineering, biotechnology and chemical weapons destruction; safety is integrated into every aspect of their corporate culture and is taken seriously at every level.   These companies do an excellent job at integrating safety into their day to day work environment; expressing the value of safety to employees, have comprehensive training programs and report lower injury and illness rates lower than others in their industries.

Products like safety flooring can help companies maintain lower injury rates and strive towards a safe workplace.  Adding slip resistant ladder rung covers to existing ladders helps increase worker confidence and decrease falls from heights.  Non slip walkways and platforms may help increase productivity as workers aren’t concerned with slipping and falling.  SlipNOT® products may also be considered green products and may be eligible for LEED Credits.

Smith, Sandy and Laura Walter. “8 Companies Celebrated as America’s Safest.” Nov, 14 2012.  Nov 28, 2012

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