Safety and CEO’s

June 19, 2015

If you are a health and safety professional or are an employee looking to improve safety in your work place have you ever wondered what managers are looking for from you when it comes to safety management?  This past week at the ASSE Safety 2015 conference Mark Hansen lead a session entitled “Business Lessons: What CEO’s  and the C-Suite Want from Safety.”  He shared several traits that CEO’s may be looking for from OSH professionals that will help them effectively manage safety responsibilities and make their senior managers pleased.

  • Confidence: Do not shy away from challenges. Managing others will always come with difficulties, embrace the challenges and don’t give up.
  • Honesty: Companies will not succeed without honest dedicated employees.  Do not lie about what’s going on within the company’s safety programs (or any other area).
  • Happiness: Having a positive attitude in general shows that a person is ready to tackle hard jobs without getting discouraged right away. In general, when people are happier all around they perform better in all areas.
  • Hustle: Going fast is one thing, but going fast and doing a great job is what CEO’s want to see. CEO’s don’t want to waste time or money but need to make sure things are also done well.
  • Passion: Enjoying your job and trying to continually improve professionally are important to senior management. Employees who value improvement will help improve their surroundings.
  • Flexibility: Being flexible in the workplace is very important. Doing what it takes to get a job done the right way even if it takes rethinking a task and trying a new solution shows that you aren’t afraid to make sure responsibilities are met.
  • Creativity: Finding new ways to tackle a job that’s been done the same way for a long time shows innovation. Trying to improve on old ways is important.

Applying these traits in health and safety can help safety managers relate well to both CEO’s and employees.  The health and safety profession is not cut and dry, keeping these things in mind may help on all levels of the company.

Information from the ASSE Blog: EHS Works:

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