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Anti-Slip Metal Floor Grating

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SlipNOT® anti-slip metal floor grating is used throughout wastewater treatment plants, food processing facilities, oil refineries, steel mills, utility companies, among others.  Applications include bridges, platforms, mezzanines, stair treads, and custom projects.

SlipNOT® coated grating exceeds all standards and recommendations for coefficient of friction (COF) set by OSHA, ADA, ASTM, ANSI, and UL.  The SlipNOT® surface is double the OSHA recommended 0.5 COF value, which serrated and plain bar grating fail to meet.

SlipNOT® anti-slip metal floor grating provides maximum traction even in wet and oily environments.  It allows for drainage, is able to span extended openings without additional support, it’s easy to install, and adaptable to heavy duty or light duty applications.  When choosing a bar grating option, the following components need to be specified:

  • Quantity
  • Length (span) and Width Dimensions
    • 2’x20′, 2’x24′, 3’x20′, 3’x24′
  • Alloy of Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
  • Finish: Mill, Painted, or Galvanized Steel
  • Grade of Slip Resistance: Grade 1 (Fine), Grade 2 (Medium), and Grade 3 (Coarse – Steel surface only)
  • Bearing Bar Height: ¾” to 2-1/2” tall (in ¼” increments)
  • Bearing Bar Thickness: 3/16” (typical), and ¼” is available upon request or supplier availability
  • Spacing Options (Ctr – Ctr spacing between bars – open area listed for 3/16” thickness )
19-4 19/16” spacing (1” open) Standard Industrial
15-4 15/16” spacing (3/4” open) Standard Industrial
11-4 11/16” spacing (1/2” open) ADA
7-4 7/16” spacing (1/4” open) ADA


We do not offer 1/8” bearing bars or serrated grating due to insufficient adhesion and wear life of the SlipNOT® surface.  Request a quote or free sample today or call us at 800-754-7668 for any additional questions.