Safety Management Top 5 Trends for 2013

December 19, 2012

An article on names the top five forecasted trends for safety managers in 2013.  These trends predict what safety managers may need to be prepared for over the next year.

1.)    Coping with Greater Workloads

  • Multitasking is extremely important as the need to respond to upper management, ensure        compliance with regulators and inspire employees coincides with keeping track of safety records, purchasing and researching safety products, and handling administrative responsibilities.

2.)    Creating a Culture of Safety

  • Getting  all employees personally involved in safety, getting them to use proper safety equipment and to look out for their fellow co-workers, and holding meetings or “toolbox talks” becomes extremely important as getting all employees on board with safety is important.

3.)    Managing Safety Across the Boarders

  • As many companies consolidate some managers might become responsible for facilities in different parts of the world.  Safety regulations differ from country to country so keeping everyone on the same track may be difficult.  Not only that, but language barriers, cultural differences and implementations of safety systems may be areas of difficulty.

4.)    Selecting the Right Safety Sources

  • Government agencies, safety associations and product suppliers can all provide good information when it comes to new safety equipment and regulations.  Each of these sources has their pros and cons.  As social media sites such as LinkedIn become increasingly popular they may also become increasingly helpful.  Discussions on these sights from other safety managers and real life scenarios may end up being an extremely valuable resource.

5.)    Gaining C-Level Attention

  • Upper management is likely to increase their attention to safety this coming year.  Some companies have appointed safety managers to corporate levels which can majorly impact a safety culture as they are highly visible and have authority.

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Montigny, John. “ Top 5 Trends in Workplace Safety Management for 2013.” December 13, 2012. December 14, 2012.

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