Safety Podcasts by the ASSE

March 22, 2012

Keeping up to date on the latest safety trends and advances is very important.  The ASSE now makes it easy to hear the latest news and topics by offering free podcasts.  Topics on occupational safety, health and environmental topics will be updated each month on the ASSE’s virtual classroom and at the iTunes store.

Not only is keeping up to date on the latest safety information important but keeping your facility up to date on safety is important as well.  SlipNOT® safety flooring keeps employees safe for years without having to be replaced.  SlipNOT® makes it easy to update any out of date dangerous flooring by offering solutions like retrofitting non-slip products over existing flooring.  Slip resistant flooring can be welded or bolted over slippery flooring or can be incorporated into new construction.

Keep yourself and your employees up to date by listening to podcasts from the ASSE on topics such as;” “Defeating the Trump Card: Legal Limits on OSHA’s Use of the General Duty Clause;” “‘Safety Leadership – The Final Hurdle Towards Zero;” “Environmental Compliance for the Safety Manager;” “Why Sustainability is Important to the Safety Professional;” “Human Performance and Learning;” and “Six Safety Leadership.”  Keep your facility up to date on safety by using SlipNOT® safety products.

New ASSE Podcasts Highlight Variety of Workplace Safety Topics. February 4, 2012.  February 17, 2012

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