Slip and Falls at Supermarkets

August 15, 2011

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), supermarkets and grocery stores pay $450 million in legal settlements each year due to slip and falls.  Grocery store slip and falls often occur from spilled liquids, leaks or loose items.  They usually take place in crowded entryways where water is being tracked into the store, for example the produce section which is constantly being sprayed down and the refrigerated areas where there may be leaking equipment.

In addition to the slick environments, most supermarkets apply high polish to the floors making it hard to detect stray liquids.  It’s the supermarkets obligation to provide safer walking areas for employees and customers.  By closing off unsafe and slippery areas with cones or having employees point out danger zones to customers, there must be some sort of action taken.  If a slip and fall is unavoidable, you must report it to a member of the staff as soon as possible.
If slip and falls become an ongoing problem, you may want to look into retrofitting or replacing your existing flooring.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring offers slip resistant stainless steel flooring which is ideal for food processing facilities where sanitation, chemical resistance, durability and safety are vital.  The stainless steel flooring requires minimal care and will give employees and customer’s a sure footed walking surface.

Carroll & Carroll, P.C. Supermarkets Especially Prone to Slip and Fall Injuries.

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