Slip Resistant Floor Plate for the Steel Mill Industry

June 7, 2010

Slip resistant floor plate can be used in a plethora of applications related to the steel mill industry. Safety is often first priority in steel mills where slips and falls can be prevalent due to slick areas caused from oil and grease. To keep workers safe on the job and maximize productivity, slip resistant floor plate is often necessary to prevent accidents.

Slip resistant floor plate is typically used in steel mills on operator platforms and stairs to keep workers on their feet. Floor plate is used more frequently for more complex applications such as turntables in temper mills and over mill coolant catch basins. Slip resistant floor plate is also applied around coil oiling areas where the floor is constantly slick and submerged in oil and on both sides of conveyors used to treat steel coils.

Traditionally, dimple plate has been utilized in steel mill plants. Slip resistant steel floor plate with a random stacked matrix pattern is used as a superior alternative to dimple plate. As many steel mill professionals have stated, dimple plate is exceedingly smooth and too slippery for the high traffic areas of the steel mill industry. Oil and grease can fill the dimples, rendering the slip resistance of the dimple plate. Steel mills demand a durable, high quality product that can withstand the high traffic, oily environment present.

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