Stainless Steel Drain Covers with Slip Resistance Beneficial

January 20, 2011

Drain covers are a necessity in food processing plants.  Drain covers are typically utilized in production areas within facilities.  Drain covers can become slippery when covered in oil, grease and water and can be a hazard to workers in the facility.

Slip resistant drain covers are an ideal solution to slippery bare metal drain covers.  Slip resistant drain covers will keep workers on their feet and increase productivity while reducing injuries and liabilities.

An example of slip resistant drains are SlipNOT® slip resistant stainless steel drain covers.  SlipNOT® slip resistant drain covers are the ideal solution for bare metal drain covers because SlipNOT® drain covers are registered with NSF International for use in food processing plants.  Therefore, SlipNOT® drain covers are grit free; they will not contaminate the end product or ruin expensive machinery within plants.  SlipNOT® drain covers are also corrosion and chemical resistant.  SlipNOT® drain covers can be effectively cleaned to maintain proper sanitation within food processing plants.

Slip resistant drain covers are the safest solution to dangerous bare metal drain covers within food processing plants.  SlipNOT® slip resistant drain covers provide food processing plants with the slip resistance needed, as well as the sanitation necessary for food processing environments.

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