Stainless Steel on Aluminum Tread Provides Lightweight Solution for Food Industry

April 21, 2011

SlipNOT® offers a non-slip stainless surface on aluminum tread for applications that require lightweight flooring that is slip resistant, durable, and corrosion resistant.  The SlipNOT® stainless steel surface is registered by NSF International for use in food processing facilities.  The combination of stainless steel SlipNOT® on aluminum treads allows for easy installation and a cost effective solution for slippery stairs.

The SlipNOT® aluminum stair treads with a stainless steel surface was utilized for cross unders in a chip processing facility.  The steps were utilized for a series of cross unders to production lines.  The steps allowed for employees to get from one processing area to another, the same way a cross over would.

Both cross overs and cross unders should have a slip resistant surface to increase productivity and prevent slip and fall accidents.   A SlipNOT® aluminum tread with a stainless steel surface is perfect for retrofitting over existing slippery stairs or building new steps for access.

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