Steel Floor Grating as Trench Covers

April 14, 2011

In manufacturing facilities, basin or trenches are used to collect fluids such as oil, grease, lubricants, and various other liquids.  There are times when these trenches can run through the middle of a facility or around machinery where walkways are needed.

In order to meet these needs, a durable material that is strong and allows for drainage is required.  SlipNOT® steel floor grating is the perfect solution for applications such as these.  SlipNOT® steel is the most abrasive surface SlipNOT® offers so it will remain slip resistant, even when submerged in oil.  It also has a high strength to weight ratio and is offered in styles that are appropriate for heavy traffic applications where forklifts are present.

SlipNOT® steel floor grating is offered in various spacing options.  Close spaced grating prevents tools and debris from falling through.   On the other hand, if debris or other materials need to filter through, more open spaced grating is available.

SlipNOT® steel grating is the ideal material for trench covers and can be custom fabricated to meet the size requirements of any project.  SlipNOT® can also coat customer supplied steel floor grating.  In order to avoid downtime, SlipNOT® can ship an initial cover and coat the original cover sent by the customer.  Keeping up with this rotation, coating the customer’s material piece by piece provides no downtime for the facility.

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