Why wait until something happens?

July 12, 2010

Metal stairs are an integral component in any application, whether interior or exterior, commercial or industrial.   Often metal stairs are installed and never thought of again until something happens, whether it is deterioration or a slip and fall accident.   Metal stairs can be retrofitted or supplied with properties that will greatly decrease these occurrences from happening.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring specializes in providing a custom designed and precisely accurate non-slip coating that can be applied to metal stairs.  The non slip coating for the metal stairs is applied through a plasma stream deposition process that creates a file hard, grit free, random hatch matrix slip resistant surface that will not flake or wear.  The non-slip coating not only provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also most importantly provides function and safety in all commercial and industrial applications.SlipNOT® can be applied to steel, stainless steel and aluminum metal stairs.  All of these substrates are either corrosion resistant already or can easily become corrosion resistant by galvanizing or treating.  Why wait until “something happens;” why not incorporate a permanent slip resistant solution for metal stairs from the start.

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