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What is SlipNOT®?

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non slip surface coating

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures slip resistant metal flooring products. SlipNOT® transforms ordinary industrial flooring products to extraordinary, durable slip resistant safety products. From sure step bar gratings, high friction safety floor plates, permanently safe ladder rungs and rung covers to perforated and expanded metal retrofit plates, SlipNOT® is the preeminent long term solution for increased productivity and safety.

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring Products are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes customized to meet your project’s needs. The patented SlipNOT® process deposits molten metal in a random hatch matrix onto Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel substrates. This results in a file hard surface between 55-63 on the Rockwell C scale with a bond strength of at least 4,000 psi. This combination of extreme surface hardness and unparalleled bond strength means SlipNOT® is the most durable anti slip product available.

All SlipNOT® products can be fabricated, welded or otherwise treated like any other metal plate or grating because SlipNOT® is a metal on metal application. The SlipNOT® slip resistant surface does not alter the properties of the metal substrate; it only increases the coefficient of friction of the material.

SlipNOT® provides 100% rugged and durable surface coverage to all metal substrates. SlipNOT®’s proven durability, superior slip resistance and grit free surface ensures maximum worker safety while protecting expensive machinery and components from contamination. From food processing plants to office buildings, offshore drill rigs to steel mills, chemical plants to automotive plants, SlipNOT® is the proven answer for safe, productive environments.

SlipNOT® far exceeds all recommendations and standards for coefficient of friction specified by ANSI, NFPA, ADA, and OSHA.