Non Slip Galvanized Metal Sheets

May 19, 2016

SlipNOT®’s metal surface is applied through a plasma stream deposition process that results in a coefficient of friction (COF) greater than or equal to 0.85.  The slip resistant surface provides unsurpassed traction in every direction and the galvanizing ensures that the unique slip resistant surface does not corrode or deteriorate in the harshest environments.  SlipNOT® products exceed all standards and recommendations for COF set by OSHA, ADA, ASTM, ANSI, and UL.

Applications that benefit from galvanized steel products include exterior stairways, vault covers, road plates, pedestrian walkways, ramps, among many others.

SlipNOT® offers the following galvanized steel products:

  • Plate (solid surface provides maximum traction)
    • Thickness: 3/16” minimum
    • Stock sizes: 4’x8’, 5’x10, and 6’x12’ (may be custom cut-to-size)
  • Grating (allows for light, drainage, and airflow)
    • Largest stock size: 3’x24’
    • Bearing bar height: ¾” to 2-1/2” tall
    • Bearing bar thickness: 3/16” (typical), ¼” is available upon request
    • Spacing options: 19-4, 15-4, 11-4 (ADA), and 7-4 (ADA)
  • Perforated Plate (Ideal for drainage and flexes when walked on to prevent worker fatigue)
    • Thickness: 3/16” minimum
    • Stock sizes: 4’x8’, 5’x10, and 6’x12’ (may be custom cut-to-size)
    • Hole sizes and patterns:
      • 3/8” diameter on 9/16” staggered centers
      • 1/2” diameter on 11/16” staggered centers
      • 9/16” diameter on 3/4” staggered centers
    • ¾ #9 Flattened Expanded Metal (Can retrofit over existing structures with minimum effort)
      • Stock sizes: 4’x8’, 5’x10, and 5’x12’ (may be custom cut-to-size)
    • Ladder Rung Covers (cost effective solution, no need to reconstruct ladders)
      • 1” x ½” x 1/8” channels to fit over ¾” rounds or smaller (steel or aluminum)
      • 1-1/4” x ½” x 1/8” channels to fit over 1” rounds or smaller (steel or aluminum)
      • Larger channel sizes available for larger diameter rungs by special order
      • Length: 10’ maximum

Care must be taken when galvanizing SlipNOT®’s steel products so that the surface does not lift off if pickling times exceed recommendations.  Also, always allow sufficient spacing between items so that the heat of the pickling process does not create “hot spots” within the pickling tanks and potentially damage the SlipNOT® surface.  Read more on the galvanizing process or please call us for recommendations.

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