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Stainless Steel Plate Installed at High Speed Beef Processing Facility

The Situation:

One of the largest beef processors in the world was seeking a solution to working / walking surfaces that could potentially become slippery during the processes. For platforms, catwalks, walkways and other areas around high speed beef processing machines safety is pertinent. The speed and precision of which the beef is processed requires accuracy for plant workers. When fats, oil, blood, cleaning solutions, water and other substances may cover the floor it is important for workers to have sure footing. Increased production and productivity was a main concern for the facility as well as hygiene and sanitary conditions. They needed a hygenic flooring that would provide slip resistance, corrosion resistance, clean easily and would not collect bacteria and small debris.

The Solution:

After discovering SlipNOT® on the internet, the project engineer of the plant contacted a sales representative to discuss the project details and pricing. After getting an idea of the customer’s needs the sales representative of SlipNOT® decided it would be best to make a plant visit and assess the applications in person. After deliberation and planning, Grade 2 ¼” stainless steel plate was selected as the optimal material for the project. Each plate was fabricated to detailed specifications and provided with additional options as needed; kick plates, cut out’s, notches, welds, nosings, riser sand others. NSF registered for use in food processing facilities, SlipNOT® stainless steel products provide a chemical/corrosion resistant surface that is hygienic, sanitary and durable.

The Impact:

SlipNOT® stainless steel plates were shipped completely fabricated and ready to install based off of technical drawings to reduce downtime during installation. The SlipNOT® stainless steel plate was installed in trimming areas, packaging areas and around processing lines and machinery. After years in a high traffic environment that is often wet from cleaning and processing techniques the SlipNOT® stainless steel plate continues to provide a high traction surface for employees and a state of the art facility that views safety as a standard, not an option.