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Non slip steel plates are an ideal solution for the New York Times.

The Situation

“All the News That’s Fit to Print” is a well-fitting moto for the New York Times. Whether you’re looking to read about business, sports, arts, science, style, travel, world/US news, or editorial/opinion articles, the New York Times has it all! For this reason, the daily newspaper has won 130 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other, and is ranked 18th in the world by circulation and 3rd in the U.S.

Founded in 1851, the New York Times has remained a top supplier of information. This past November (2020) the Times hit 7 million subscribers! Most of these subscribers use the digital platforms offered by the newspaper including the website, mobile app, and podcasts, but millions of those subscribers get the traditional newspaper, printed at several printing press locations throughout the United States.

Printing press facilities often have ink and other slippery liquids that can get on walking surfaces and create hazardous work conditions. In order to keep employees safe, the New York Times needed a solution to a slippery area around one of the printing presses.

The Solution

After speaking with the company that was working on the project for the Times, it was decided that ¼”, Grade 2, steel SlipNOT plates would be perfect for the work platforms surrounding the press. SlipNOT coated the steel plates in various sizes, and sent them out for easy installation. The grade 2 steel non-slip surface is ideal in facilities such as pulp and paper manufacturers as it is very durable and will last for years.

The Impact

The SlipNOT slip resistant steel plate has created a safe work area for employees at the New York Times manufacturing facility. SlipNOT is highly customizable and can be designed to fit any environment where slip and fall risks are present. The steel plates are available in a Grade 3 option for more rigorous environments and can be galvanized, powder coated, or painted according to specifications and aesthetics required. By specifying SlipNOT Metal Safety flooring products, companies invest in their employee’s future and wellbeing.