• Plate

    SlipNOT® slip resistant plates provide maximum traction for employees and transform countless applications into safe and productive work zones.

  • Grating

    SlipNOT® bar grating is a safe and efficient way to provide drainage of slippery substances while simultaneously creating a high traction work area.

  • Ladder Rungs & Covers
    Ladder Rungs & Covers

    SlipNOT® slip resistant ladder rungs and covers create a safe climbing surface on new construction or existing ladder assemblies.

  • Aluminum Plank
    Aluminum Plank

    SlipNOT® slip resistant aluminum plank is a strong yet lightweight alternative to fiberglass and bar grating and is available in a variety of styles.

  • Stair Treads & Covers
    Stair Treads & Covers

    SlipNOT® slip resistant stair treads are available in grating, solid plate, perforated plate, or expanded metal and can be installed into new construction or on existing stairways.

  • Customer Supplied Material
    Customer Supplied Material

    Prefabricated metal products as well as existing metal flooring can be transformed into safe working and walking surfaces by shipping them to SlipNOT® to have the patented anti-slip surface applied.

  • Drain Covers
    Drain Covers

    SlipNOT® drain covers and trench covers can be custom fabricated for new installation or existing covers can be coated by SlipNOT® to provide long lasting slip resistance.

  • Expansion Joint Covers
    Expansion Joint Covers

    SlipNOT® slip resistant expansion joint covers provide a high traction and corrosion resistant surface for pedestrians and are used and approved by municipalities such as FDOT and TxDOT.

  • Flattened Expanded Metal
    Flattened Expanded Metal

    SlipNOT® expanded metal easily retrofits over existing applications allowing air, light, and liquid to pass through while providing maximum slip resistance.

  • Floor Scales
    Floor Scales

    SlipNOT® offers a safe and slip resistant surface replacement for new and existing weighing systems.

  • Handrails

    SlipNOT® slip resistant handrails replace traditional slick handrails and provide a secure grip for employees.

  • Perforated Metal
    Perforated Metal

    SlipNOT® slip resistant perforated plate provides the drainage quality of grating and full surface coverage of floor plate.

  • Road Plates
    Road Plates

    SlipNOT® road plates provide municipalities with a slip resistant solution to short-term and long-term projects.

  • Stair Nosings
    Stair Nosings

    SlipNOT® slip resistant stair nosings improve the safety of existing stairs by retrofitting over unsafe treads.

  • Vault Covers
    Vault Covers

    SlipNOT® slip resistant vault covers provide a safe solution in high traffic areas where pedestrians and utilities coincide.

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