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Design Features of a Mobile Ladder Platform

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Design Features of a Mobile Ladder Platform

October 26, 2012

Consider the following requirements when purchasing or revamping a mobile ladder platform.

  • Load Rate
    • The rated load must be at least 300 pounds including workers and equipment.
  • Steps
    • The steps must be at least 16” wide and the platform at least 18” wide.
    • Steps should also be uniformly spaced and arranged with a rise of no more than 10” and a depth that is not less than 7”.
    • The preferred angle slope of the stringer that the steps are attached to, should be 60 degrees.  If the stairway calls for a steeper slope, the unit should be addressed by a designer.
  • Handrails
    • Handrails must have a vertical height in the range of 29.5” – 37”, measured vertically from the front edge of a step.
    • Handrails in the platform area must have a vertical height of at least 36”
  • Platforms
    • Platforms with a top step height of 4 – 10 feet must have handrails
    • The use of movable gates or chains is only permitted for special use applications.
    • Platforms over 10 feet must have guardrails and toe boards on the exposed sides of the platform.
    • The guardrail must have a height of 42” total including the midrail which should be midway between the top rail and the working surface.
    • The wheels of the mobile ladder platform should move horizontally and vertically and must support four times the rated load plus the unit’s weight.
  • Traction
    • The steps and platforms must have a durable and slip resistant surface.  Dimpling, knurling, shot blasting, coating, metal spraying or non slip tapes may be applied.
  • Standard
    • Safety and design requirements for mobile ladder platforms can be found in the following ANSI-ASC A14.7 standard.
    • Mobile ladder stands that comply with the standard must pass a variety of stability and load tests.
  • Proper Care and Use
    • The manufacturer of the mobile ladder platform is required to provide maintenance instructions with each unit.  Employers should also instruct employees how to properly use the units.
    • Upon receipt following shipping and prior to each period of use, the ladder platform must be visually inspected for damage, corrosion, loose bolts and all fasteners must be equipped with locking hardware.

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