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How to Install and Order Ladder Rung Covers

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How to Install and Order Ladder Rung Covers

July 20, 2012

Slips and falls from ladders are one of the most common workplace accidents.  This could be due to various factors, from improper climbing technique to the material the ladder covers are made from.  Slips and falls decrease productivity and increase the amount of time it takes for employees to complete a task.  Both missed work days and worker compensation claims result in excessive costs for companies.

Falls are the second leading cause of occupational deaths after motor vehicle crashes according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Department of Labor, 2010).  14% of all fatal occupational injuries by event or exposure in 2009-2010 were caused by falls. The most prevalent form of injury resulted from workers falling to a lower level from ladders, scaffolds, buildings, or other elevations. To avoid liability and workplace injuries it is imperative to evaluate your current ladders.  OSHA specifies that all ladders must have an anti slip surface in OSHA standard 1926.1053 (a)(6)(i) and OSHA standard 1910.26 (a)(1)(v).

To incorporate safety to your existing ladders, SlipNOT® manufactures slip resistant metal ladder products.   Ladder covers are designed to be welded easily on top of existing rungs.  Instead of replacing ladders to become OSHA compliant, it is more cost effective to apply ladder rung covers that provide a permanent solution. SlipNOT® ladder products do not require maintenance like paint-on or taped-on products, SlipNOT® covers provide a long lasting surface that will not wear quickly.  Ladder rung covers also create a flat stepping surface, in contrast to round rungs that can interfere with footing.

How to order ladder rung covers:

  1. Measure the existing ladder rungs you would like to cover
  2. Determine alloy
    • Alloy determines the stock size of ladder covers
      • Steel
        1. Durable
        2. Widths: 1” to cover  ¾” diameter rungs or 1 ¼” to cover 1” rounds
        3. Stock length: 10’
      • Galvanized steel
        1. Corrosion resistant
        2. Widths: 1” to cover  ¾” diameter rungs or 1 ¼” to cover 1” rounds
        3. Stock length: 10’
      • Stainless steel
        1. Chemical and corrosion resistant
        2. 1 ½” x ¾” to cover ¾” and 1” rungs
        3. Stock length: 12’ (11’ or 13’ random lengths)
      • Aluminum
        1. Lightweight and corrosion resistant
        2. 1” to cover ¾” rungs and 1 ¼” to cover 1”
        3. Stock length: 12’
  3. Specify length, width, alloy and quantity
  4. Determine installation method
    • Weld on top of existing rungs
      • SlipNOT®  ladder covers are fabricated like any other metal product and can be flame cut, cut with standard band saw, chop saw, or others.  The surface can be welded and no need to grind ends for assembly.
  5. Select Finish
    • Steel
      • Galvanized, Painted or Mill
    • Stainless and Aluminum
      • Mill